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Cost-Up is a revolutionary project budget management application, please contact us to learn more.

"Cost-Up has very quickly become the heart of our event production agency. Faster budget responses mean our clients are happier, and we're more profitable as we track our margins in real time..."

The online project budgeting and cost tracking application for agencies


Are you still producing project budgets in messy spreadsheets?

It's time to upgrade to Cost-Up.

  • Collaborate on your project budgets
    Manage budgets with multiple people in your team. Invite as many people as you’d like to input to your budget wherever they are in the world.
  • Effortlessly track costs line-by-line
    Accurately track your project spending in real time. Purchasing is tracked against individual line items enabling you to see how much has been spent and what is left to spend against every single line.
  • Easy management of multi-currency budgets
    Your company operates in one currency, your client wants to see the budget in another, and your costs are in a further 3? No sweat on Cost-Up!
  • Beautifully presented cost estimates for your clients
    No more messy spreadsheets. Export smart and professional PDF or XLS budget summaries, complete with your logo and company details.

Designed for the demands of the events industry, with proven uses across a range of industries

the simplest online budgeting tool for your next project


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Create & Collaborate

Your team can easily input management time and third-party supplier costs. Choose to pass through costs or mark them up. See your project margin forecasts and real-time actuals.


Raise Purchase Orders

Managing all purchasing for the project inside Cost-Up is easy. Raise Purchase Orders from one or across multiple line items, and issue PDF PO’s to your suppliers.